8 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Spring Cleaning gives you a perfect finish than any other annual cleaning. For many people, the pleasant appearance is visible only after deep cleaning is done throughout the home. This makes the home look beautiful. Spring cleaning brings healthy living. After a long winter, One must take the responsibility to clean your home and be ready to welcome spring.

Spring cleaning as an individual is difficult, hire a professional cleaning service to keep your home dirt free. As professional cleaners, we understand the cleaning process and take care of your home.

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Professional Checklist:

Wiping: Use Vacuum to eliminate dust from walls and ceiling. Tackle unreasonable dirt, especially widespread in kitchens, with a solvent-free degreaser.

Grout Lines: The cement-based element between surface, floor, and countertop tiles is hardly permeable and stains easily. Shield it with a penetrating grout sealer and use the small foam brush to make that surface look better.

Vacuum and Shampoo: Carpets and rugs with waterproof linings can be deep-cleaned with a shampoo machine and a hot-water extraction machine.

Dust: Get everything off the Shelves, and brush shelves and books with a wing duster. Use the dust-brush or a vacuum to stretch into tight spots. Clean the points of leather-bound books with a fresh, smooth cloth.

Dust Window: Using lukewarm water and a soft dishwashing liquid, rub each screen with a brush + soak thoroughly.

Clean Window Treatments: Dry-clean fabric shades. Dry wooden blinds with a damp cloth, warm water mixed with a light dishwashing liquid is safe for alloy and vinyl covers.

Wax Floors: Vinyl and tile floors that have lost their shine should be polished with a glaze designed for these surfaces. Most stone and tile floors can be treated with either a paste or a wet wax.

Dust Home Thoroughly: This includes hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling fans and glass casings. It’s important to work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor. Avoid using dusting sprays.

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When you move out from a rented property, there are a number of things which must be planned and organized. This includes the end of tenancy cleaning, which a large number of landlords are now insisting be done by a professional cleaning company. Our end of tenancy cleaning services are designed to help take the pressure off you and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.