Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods followed by EOT Cleaning London

EOT London uses several carpet cleaning methods to clean home carpets. Each cleaning process has its own advantages and disadvantages. But how to choose the best method?

As a professional carpet cleaning company in London, we look into the carpet condition and review the best Method. Finally, decide which carpet cleaning method would be best for your home carpet cleaning.

Generally, carpet cleaning process falls under two categories:

  1. Wet Cleaning –¬†incorporates hot water wrenching and can be cleaned with an absorbent pad.
  2. Dry Cleaning –¬†incorporates the use of powders applied by specific machines with help of pads or cylinders.

How do these Carpet cleaning processes work?

#1. How does Wet Carpet Cleaning work?

Wet Carpet Cleaning is also known as Hot Water Extraction. In this process, the carpet is pre-conditioned with litmus paper which dissolves soils and oil-based materials present in the carpet. Water is heated near its boiling point and pressurised. Then, heated water is injected into the carpet. The carpet is left for a while. After 10 to 15 minutes, the water is removed with a help of vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning Methods in London


  • Soiling is removed deep down from the carpet
  • It allows the application of high warmth, pressures, and chemical concentrates.
  • Grants increased dwell times
  • Chemical reactivity Promoted by excitement with grooming tool.


  • Almost long drying time
  • Expensive machines required for maximum efficiency

#2: How does Dry Carpet Cleaning Works?

A powder is mixed with unique solutions and is spread over the carpet, and then operated into the carpet fiber with a machine fitted with counter-rotating brushes. The powder digests the soils in the carpet fiber. It’s allowed in the carpet for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, carpet is vacuumed.


  • Very simple system, easy to incorporate.
  • Very fast drying, the whole cleaning takes about 15 minutes.


  • The powder that settles in luxurious carpets are left to build up over time.
  • May cause extreme dust build up at home
  • Deep cleaning is tough.

Based on your requirement, we choose which cleaning method best suits you. But, we always recommend a deep carpet cleaning. Once the carpet is deep cleaned, there is no chance for dust build up. Even regular carpet cleaning will give a good looking home and healthy living.

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