Carpet Removal Professional Tips

Removal of old carpet and installing new carpet can completely give the new feel to any room. However, it’s important to know how to aviate the process. Here are few professional tips from our experts. When purchasing your new carpet, make sure you will be ripping out the old carpet and stuffing. Have a professional installer to¬†rip out the carpet for a clean finish!

carpet cleaning tips by professionals

Carpet Removal Tips:

  • Before removing old carpet, vacuum it to minimise airborne dirt.
  • Never remove the old carpet or padding in one piece. Use a knife (or) a new blade to cut the carpet and pad them into 4 strips and roll them to get out the door.
  • After the removal, subfloor to be vacuumed

Carpet removal professional will shift all types of furniture from the room before installing the new carpet.

How should a room look before installing?

  • Remember, the room should be completely empty before new carpet installing.
  • Remove the wires from all electronic items.
  • Few people move as much as they can and leave many large items. A professional advice is; it’s really important to move all the large items as well.

carpet cleaning tips by professionals
Before carpet installation date:

All the other remodelling projects like wallpaper, new trim, subfloor repairs have to be completed by professionals.

Once the new carpet is installed, there may be small scraps present. A carpet installer, once installation completed looks after all the small scraps and remove them. Finally, binding can be applied to the edges of new carpet pieces.

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