Christmas Cleaning Tips

You want your guests to focus on holiday joy and not your dusty home, so here are some pre-Christmas cleaning tips.

First Impressions

Cleaning the outside of your front door, and hanging a welcoming wreath will certainly make your guests feel welcome and get them into the Christmas spirit.

Remove items from the entryway to make room for guests’ bags, boots, and umbrellas. 

Straighten up the coat rack or closet; have lots of extra hangers or hooks.

Cleaning The Living and Dining Rooms

Take cushions outside and punch them to remove dust. (Great-grandmother did this routinely, but it’s a lost art.)

Vacuum, clean, and dust everything (floors, baseboards, curtains, light fixtures, windows, ceiling fans, etc.) within 24 hours of your guests’ arrival. 

Discard clutter, and remove broken or dirty decorations. Better a sparse tree than one covered in shattered ornaments.

Don’t have a fireplace? Burn lots of scented candles for a warm and fragrant atmosphere.

Cleaning The Kitchen

If you have special holiday plates, remember they’ve gathered dust all year and need a good washing. Check glasses and flatware—you want them to sparkle! 

Do a thorough wipe-down of floors, countertops, and appliances. Scrub the fridge, discarding old food. And be sure you clean the oven so Christmas dinner isn’t tainted by old food smells. 

Cleaning The Bathroom

Assume each guest will use the bathroom twice every four hours. Scour everything until the porcelain, chrome, and mirrors shine. Don’t forget the floor.

Hang plenty of clean fluffy towels. Provide fresh soap and a full roll of toilet tissue—plus visible back-up rolls. Freshen the air with a reed diffuser.

Cleaning The Guest Room

Clean the guest room thoroughly, and be sure to remove clutter that tends to accumulate in a rarely used space.

Besides providing clean sheets and pillowcases, launder all bedspreads and blankets. 

Little extras—such as assorted books and magazines—will be appreciated.  Add a live poinsettia—a plant filters the air and neutralises odours.

Some Extra Cleaning Tips

  • Use disposable wipes when cooking to clean as you go.
  • Consider holiday-themed paper plates, so you can spend time with your guests instead of washing dishes.
  • Check the bathroom every two hours. Wipe down surfaces, spot clean, replace damp towels.
  • Have a cordless vacuum handy for carpet touch-ups.

Follow these cleaning tips—then relax. And enjoy the holidays!


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