How to clean and defrost your Refrigerator and how we can handle this professionally?

For a refrigerator to function well, it needs to be often cleaned and defrost. The cleaning should be done both outside and inside in a professional manner. This is because a refrigerator is a sensitive kitchen appliance that instantly fails to function if messed up. Foods and drinks accidentally spills on the shelves and this may result to a foul smell and spoiling the other foods. Sometimes the spills may be too small to notice hence the need for frequent cleaning. It should be noted that all the foods that go bad or are past their shelf life should be thrown away since consuming them is harmful to health. Seeking professional guidance when doing the cleaning is effective and helps to save a lot of time. The following are steps of professionally cleaning your refrigerator.

Remove all the food from the refrigerator

This should be done as quickly as possible while placing the food on a clean table or counter. Some foods demand to be kept in the fridge all the time hence the shortest time of cleaning the fridge should be taken. If you have a cooler you can place the foods in as you clean the fridge although this is not necessary if unavailable.

Dispose of all the old and overstayed food

Check all the foods that have been in the fridge for a while and taste for freshness. This can be done by smelling the food, checking the appearance of the food and checking the sell by or expiring date. This will help prevent taking the foods back to the fridge and risk foul smells. Get rid of the foods and the containers and if recycled clean them very well.

Take out all the removable parts

The fridge has so many small removable shelves. All these should be carefully removed and cleaned well. Avoid using detergents with strong smells as they may not be rinsed well and risk making foods like milk going bad in the fridge. Clean the shelves one by one then rinse, wipe and return it to avoid confusion of where what shelf goes.

Wipe the rest of the fridge

Use a natural cleaning agent like baking powder or vinegar mixed with warm water to remove any stains in the fridge. A toothpaste helps to get rid of even more stubborn stains. Clean the fridge doors as well as the outside area.

Put the foods back

After ensuring that the fridge is sparkling clean and dry, put all the foods back. Wipe any leakages from the foods and put the old foods and those that are almost expiring at the front to use them first and prevent wastage when they go bad.

Modern refrigerators are set to automatically defrost themselves. No worries if yours cant as this is how you can professionally defrost it:

  1. Press the defrost button as indicated and turn off your fridge from power.
  2. Take all the foods out including the ice cubes and trays.
  3. Secure the frozen foods carefully to prevent them from getting contaminated.
  4. Carefully place a bowl full of very hot water in the fridge to speed up the process.
  5. Place a cloth or another bowl to collect the water when it melts. You should never scrape off the ice though.
  6. Leave the doors open and keep checking to ensure all the ice has frozen then put the food back and turn on the fridge.

It should be noted that the above steps are guides to cleaning the non-delicate parts of a refrigerator. The other complicated parts like the condenser should be cleaned by a professional as messing with them might damage the fridge.

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