Cleaning your Carpets

Cleaning your carpets using carpet cleaning equipment can be a great way to get your carpets looking as good as new, as long as you avoid the most common mistakes that people make when purchasing and using this type of equipment.

For the best results when cleaning your carpet, mix hot tap water and the cleaning solution in a bucket. For heavily soiled carpets, use four fluid ounces of solution for every gallon of water. For carpets that are lightly dirty, use only two fluid ounces per gallon. Fill the tank with the mixed cleaning solution. Ensure hose connections are secure and the switch is set to clean carpet instead of upholstery.

Carpet cleaning equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. There are small hand held models for easy spot removal and there are large commercial models for whole house cleaning. Here are some different types of cleaners:

  • Carpet Extractor: A carpet extractor pumps a detergent solution into the carpet, then sucks it out with a high-powered vacuum. This system cleans deeper than most, but it will leave the carpet wet.
  • Self-Contained Carpet Extractor: This machine works on the same principle as carpet extractor, but it includes a brush that scrubs the carpet between laying down the detergent and sucking it up.
  • Extraction Restoration: This process adds to the extraction above by adding a rinsing aid, which will flush out chemicals and dirt.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This is a dry carpet cleaning machine which uses a round pad. The pad is placed on a standard floor buffer and uses friction to pull dirt from the carpet fibers. Though your carpet will dry faster, this is not a deep-cleaning method.

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

A common mistake that people make when using their carpet cleaning equipment is to over saturate the carpets that is they make too many passes on the carpet with the equipment and leave the carpet wet with water and cleaning solvent.

Another very common mistake is misusing the carpet cleaning equipment. Misuse can range from not using the right attachments for the job, to using the wrong type of cleaning fluid (which is the most common form of misuse). For you to get the most out of your carpet cleaning equipment it is strongly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the use of the equipment.

You do not have to purchase the equipment, you can hire commercial carpet cleaning equipment for a period of time in order to clean your carpets. If you are unsure about cleaning your carpets or using the machinery correctly, its best to find a professional team, like us at End of Tenancy London, to do the job for you.

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