Common Types of Home Wastes in London

Home waste can be classified into either liquid or solid waste. When this waste gets stored for a loner time, it end in creating health hazards in home. Waste has to be removed frequently from your home in order to keep yourself free from unwanted infections and diseases. Liquid and solid waste, both are dangerous (when left as it is and it leads to contamination of the storage region). These wastes can be grouped into organic waste and recycle waste.

Liquid Wastes

Liquid Waste can be non-solid form. Some solid waste can be turned to a liquid waste for disposal. It involves point source and non-point source removals such as storm water and wastewater. Examples: liquid waste include wash water from homes and waste detergents.

Solid Waste Type:

Solid waste mainly, any garbage, rubbish that we do in our homes. These include old car wheels, old newspapers, damaged furniture, and vegetable waste.

Hazardous Waste:

Hazardous waste probably threatens health or the ecosystem. Such waste could be inflammable (easily catch fire), reactive (easily explode), toxic (poisonous). In many countries, it is mandatory by Law to involve the proper authority to control the disposal of such hazardous waste. Examples: mercury-containing material (e.g, thermostats), fire extinguishers, pesticides, and batteries.

types of home waste in London

Organic Waste:

Organic waste develops from the source of plants and animals. Generally, they involve food waste, fruit and vegetable peels, and even dog poop can be listed as organic waste. They are biodegradable. Several people turn their organic waste into compost and use them in gardens.

Recycling Waste:

Recycling means processing used materials waste into new useful products. This process is done to decrease the use of raw materials that would have been used. Waste that can be possibly recycled is termed “Recyclable waste”.  Examples: Aluminium products like soda, milk, and tomato cans. Plastics such as shopping bags, plastic bottles). Paper products used include envelopes, newspapers, and magazines can be recycled and fall into this section.

These are the waste types that has to be disposed regularly to keep your home look clean and fresh. By disposing of all these waste can help improve your health and helps in healthy living place.

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