Degrease Your Wall Tiles! 10 Pro Tips That Could Save You A Lot of Time

Wall tiles get greased at some point due to daily activities like cooking. We all know how messy cooking some certain kinds of foods can get. No matter how cautious you are grease spills and spatters are unavoidable. For instance when you cover your chicken broth and then it boils a lot of it spills to your wall tiles or when panfrying your egg or bacon, grease spatters are a must! Whenever the wall tiles get such kind of greases they tend to look so unpleasant and get worse if left unattended. Repainting the walls is in most cases not the ultimate solution as the spots may not fade away. With time the new paint get soaked by the grease and then reappear which spoils the walls appearance even more. For this reason, degreasing your wall tiles is important and you should worry no more as we have 10 tips that could save you a lot of time when doing it.

  1. Have all the required cleaning supply at hand.

There may be an immediate call for shopping in case you do not have these supplies. Some of them are readily available in our houses especially the kitchen while others demand to be shopped upon need. These supplies are towels, liquid or bar soap, spray bottle, buckets, baking soda, vinegar and hot water. It should be noted that the type of vinegar that you use does matter and white vinegar is the most preferred. This however does not mean that if you use apple cider vinegar the work won’t be done.

  1. Blot the spatters prior.

The grease spatters on your wall tiles should be blotted prior to cleaning. This can be done by using a paper towel immediately.

  1. Use warm water.

Always run a clean towel under warm water before wiping off the grease stains. A clean towel is essential in decreasing the possibilities of further over staining the walls. The wipes should be gentle and covering small areas at a time.

  1. Combine liquid or bar soap for maximum grease stain removal.

Soap aids in making the stains to come off easily. The clean towels or sponges should be soaked a bit in soap then rung out and used in a constant circular motion. The earlier cleaned areas should be attended to first as you go.

  1. Use baking powder for stubborn stains.

Stains that are stubborn and refuse to come off should be treated with baking powder. Make a paste of baking powder and warm water then use it on the spatters.

  1. Use vinegar for visible stains.

Sometimes after cleaning some stains still remain visible. In this case, use warm water and vinegar in equal parts and spray on the stain then wipe after 5 minutes.

  1. Always rinse off the surfaces with clean water after cleaning.
  2. It is essential to dry the wall tiles with clean dry towels.
  3. Avoid using bleaches as they tend to make the wall tiles fade with time.
  4. Always test the cleaning agents before using.

As earlier advised, it is important to try the cleaning agents on a small area first. This tip will help you identify any abnormalities and reactions and will immediately alert you to stop using that specific agent.

Degrease Your Wall Tiles! 10 Pro Tips That Could Save Time

The above tips may help you to clean easily and reduce most of the work load. It is easy to follow up and so affordable since you can do it by yourself. The ideal suggested effective tip is cleaning up the grease stain as soon as it happens. This may require some basic things like hot water, sponge and soap unlike overstayed grease stain which require more attention.

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