Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Your Fridge

When it comes to domestic cleaning, the fridge can be a nightmare to deal with and no fun to clean.

Refrigeration helps keep food bacteria-free, and to achieve this, a fridge should be cleaned regularly. Here are nine steps for refrigerator cleaning.


Domestic Cleaning Tips - Cleaning Your Fridge

Hopefully your fridge isnt this dirty, but whether it is or not here are some useful cleaning tips to get it really clean. Photo courtesy of claytron(CC ShareALike)

Our Top 10 Domestic Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Your Fridge

  1. Prepare. Clear off your kitchen counters or tabletops, get out your kitchen cleaning products (such as spray cleaner, dish detergent, sponge, towel, vinegar, and baking soda), and have a trash can handy.
  2. Remove Food. Take everything out of the fridge. Make a mental note of places with spills. Empty ice-cube trays into a cooler or clean trash bag and put frozen foods and spoilable items (like meat and mayonnaise) in there to keep them cold while you’re cleaning.
  3. Discard. Check dates on containers. If you can’t find a date, consider tossing it. Discard expired items plus things like wilted lettuce.
  4. Remove Shelves and Bins. Take out all removable shelves, bins, and containers; put them on your kitchen counters.
  5. Spray the Inside of the Fridge. Using your favourite spray kitchen cleaner, saturate the inside of the fridge. Apply baking soda to crusted-on stains.
  6. Wash the Shelves and Bins. While the cleaner does its job on the fridge, wash the shelves and bins in hot soapy water. If they don’t fit in the sink, wash them over it. Rinse and dry.
  7. Wipe out the Fridge. Wipe surfaces with a sponge or towel. As you’re cleaning, you may need to scrub crusty or stained areas. Rinse the sponge/towel very well in hot water, apply a little vinegar or lemon juice for freshness, and wipe a second time. Wipe a third time with a clean dry towel.
  8. Replace the Shelves and Bins. Remember that mental note you made of places where spillage occurred? Put a paper or cloth towel in those areas to catch future drips. You may also wish to line door shelves and crisper bins with towels.
  9. Replace Food. Use a clean damp sponge/towel to wipe each item as you replace it, especially on the bottom, so new rings don’t form on your freshly cleaned shelves. Organise by grouping similar items (meats, dairy, condiments, etc.) together. Put uncooked meat in its own bin or on the bottom shelf, so drips can’t contaminate the food below it.
  10. Congratulate Yourself on a Job Well Done.

Although you may periodically do spot-checks for spills, be glad a total fridge cleaning doesn’t need to be carried out as part of your domestic cleaning routine each week!




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