Domestic Cleaning Tips – Cleaning your windows

It is really surprising how different your home may look with clear and sparkling windows. All at once spaces become brighter and even cosier. You should schedule washing your windows at least two times in the year. Have in mind that if you live in an area with a lot of pollution or you are in a period after builders construction, that cleaning will be one of your main tasks.

Here are our main domestic tips for cleaning your windows:

1. Choose a cloudy day.

cloudyBest seasons for cleaning your windows are spring and autumn. Proper weather is one of the main reasons. However, be careful of raining for an outside cleaning! Direct sunlight will show you all dirty spots on your windows, but it will also cause very fast drying of your washing liquid on the surfaces. That can leave unpleasant streaks on the glass, too.

2. Prepare the right tools for cleaning.

Your choice of materials depends on how you prefer to do the washing: in an “old-fashioned” or “professional” way. If your choice is the first one, you will need:how-to-clean-your-window

  • a glass cleaner or solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle;
  • old newspapers or paper towels;
  • a ladder (for the outside cleaning);
  • clean rags.

If you choose the other way, you will need:

  • a bucket with warm soapy water;
  • a squeegee;
  • a scrubber (with a long handle if your windows are a little bit high to reach);
  • a microfiber cloth;
  • clean rags.

A lot of people think that cleaning windows with a glass cleaner and some newspapers is the most effective way. Actually it requires more efforts because of all that scrubbing and wiping. In addition it leaves some ugly ink on your hands. So we recommend to do it professional like cleaning companies proceed nowadays.

3. Start with soaking the window scrubber in washing liquid.

scrubberYou can make it by mixing a bucket of warm water with a small cup of dishwashing product. If you prefer it natural, replace the cleaning product with vinegar. Have in mind, that the less soapsuds, the better. Wash your picture windows with the scrubber and do not miss the corners. If you have multi pane windows use a sponge. You should rinse the scrubber oftenly in the water, especially if cleaning many dirty windows. Line the floor in the area of washing with clean rags to prevent slipping or wetting the place.

4. Now use the squeegee to wipe off the excess water.

squeegeeBegin from the top of the window and make your way down in a reverse S-pattern. Other option is to
put the squeegee firmly enough on the glass and pull horizontally from the left to the right side, starting again from the top. Your aim is to remove the soapy water from the windows. The result is shining glass with no streaks or spots. While using the squeegee do not forget to wipe the rubber blade with a clean rag after each move.

For stubborn spots like sticky labels, dried paint or bug crud, you have to make some additional efforts. You can soak the labels before main cleaning with a special product. Dried paint can be removed by a sharp razor blade, but be very careful with that. If you have that unpleasant bud crud on your windows, use a non-scratching scrub pad.

5. Dry all window edges with a microfiber cloth.

clothSome of the soapy water always remains at the edges of window panes. Wipe it after using the
squeegee and you will have no water marks on your windows. The final result will satisfy you as it will leave the glass clean and sparkling.

6. Watch your safety.

  • If your windows are too high for you to reach, it is better to call a professional cleaning company.
  • If you are using a ladder for the outside cleaning, check if it is secure and have another person around you.
  • If the floor under your windows is slippery put some towels or rags to avoid any incidents.

Following these tips you may have professionally cleaned windows during the whole year. Regularly cleaning keep them clear and sparkling. Still, if you wonder whether to skip washing your windows this time, you have an option as using a professional service.







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