How can you enjoy your autumn cleaning?

A lot of people do not like autumn coming. All summer vacations are in the past, days become shorter, temperatures – lower and you probably wonder what to wear every day. From the other hand, others adore it. This is the season of delicious pumpkins, rich yellow and orange colours, children playing with falling leaves. As for you, this is the time when your home can become fresh and cosier.

Pay your main attention to all positive feelings that autumn brings and see how you can enjoy your autumn cleaning.

1. Observe autumn through clean windows.window_view

Cleaning them thoroughly from inside and outside will make your home brighter. What is more, you will be able to see beautiful colours of autumn through your sparkling windows. The easiest way is by using some soapy water, a scrubber and a squeegee. It does not take a lot of efforts and you will be done in no time. As a finale , wipe the window edges and sills with a microfiber cloth. For some autumn spirit change your light window curtains with heavier ones. They are more suitable for cosy winter nights.

2. “Refresh” your living room with some autumn spirit.

This is the space where you and your family stay most of the time. So be sure that everything is freshdecoration and clean for the upcoming holidays. Dust all shelves from top to bottom. Carpet cleaning is important in that season. Vacuum all carpets. Use your long vacuum attachment to get rid of all dust and cobwebs on the ceilings, corners and walls. To remove dirt, stains and allergens try steam cleaning or rinsing and drying the carpets. You can call a professional cleaning company for that specific job. Polish all metal and glass surfaces. When cleaning the living room is done, place some decoration that is proper for the season. Buy a few aroma candles or even little pumpkins to put on table or shelves. The scent of cinnamon or fresh apples will make you enjoy your autumn cleaning.

3. Put bedroom linens with autumn colours.

The first step to make your bedroom a cosy place is to clean it thoroughly. Dust everywhere. Wlinenash all blankets and pillows and when you do it put some fresh softener that reminds you of autumn fruits. You can vacuum the mattress of the bed and turn it on the other side to balance wear. Place some fluffy blanket and you can tuck yourself into warm and cosy bed every evening.

4. Prepare your wardrobe for cold seasons.

Begin that task with good attitude. You will see that changing your summer clothes with autumn andwardrobe winter sweaters, pants, dresses and suits can be very enjoying. Take everything out of your wardrobe. Vacuum the floor and wipe all baseboards. Clean the hanging space and toss broken hangers. Now divide summer and winter clothes into piles and decide which of them to keep, donate or toss. Store everything for the summer in the back of the wardrobe. If you want to have more place, use space bags, that can be vacuumed. Put your favourite warm clothes on the eye-leveled shelves. You can sort them by colours and choose different colour every day. Place a little aroma bag or standard freshener for wardrobes to complete your cleaning.

5. Put in order everything in your bathroom.toiletries

People usually clean their bathrooms once a week. The main cleaning should be once a month. So you can save your efforts here doing some rearranging. Sort your toiletries and cosmetics. Clear out all that is out of date or you actually do not use. Polish mirrors. Wipe surfaces with bathroom cleaner and put some fresh new towels.

6. Get your kitchen ready for cooking a pumpkin pie.pumpkin_pie

Clean all counters and organize your kitchen supplies like baking pans, bowls, dishes. Have a look at your spices and enlarge your collection for the holidays. Throw away everything that you do not use, including old food from refrigerator. Clean oven with proper kitchen cleaners. When you provide yourself some clear space, prepare one delicious pumpkin pie for the family.

7. Put your new favourite photos in

Organize all your summer pictures and remind yourself nice memories from the past season. Stick them in your photo albums and choose the best pictures for frames. You can place them in your living room or bedroom and that is how you will make the space more intimate.

8. If you have a garden, take care of all those falling leaves.

Choose a sunny day for cleaning your garden. You will enjoy the weather while doing the necleaning_leavescessary job. You should clean the outdoor furniture and store it. Do not miss to check gutters and drain garden hoses. Store all your garden equipment. Cleaning coloured leaves is the funny part, in which children may take part, too. You can collect leaves in big bins or bags for disposal. Another option is to make a leafmould where your children can play. More important is that this leafmould is good and useful for the soil after some period.

If you prefer to be occupied only with decoration and cooking, you can always call a professional cleaning company. And after all is cleaned, just grab a piece of that pumpkin pie and enjoy beautiful autumn in your cosy home!

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