How can you keep good relations with your landlord during tenancy?

Being a tenant might be a tough experience, because probably you spend many hours in choosing the best rental for you. When you finally find it, you meet also your new landlord and your positive attitude is essential at that moment.

To keep good relations with your landlord can be easy and simple if you follow some rules.

Of course, there are many ways to keep your landlord happy. Here we will pay attention to three of them, which are most important and effective.

1. Clean the property regularly.

good relations with your landlord cleaning_regularlyYou need to take care for that place as it is your own home. From one hand, you will feel nice and cosy when living in it. From the other hand, your landlord will be satisfied of your initiative and attitude. The spaces that you have to pay special attention when cleaning are:

  • kitchen (especially oven and refrigerator);
  • bathroom.

These are places, which the longer you are not cleaning, the harder becomes dealing with the dirt. Thinking also for the future, regular cleaning will save you a lot of efforts and time when you decide to move out. There is a clause in every rental agreement, that you have to leave the property after you have taken care for its apperiance. This means that in the end of your tenancy, it is your obligation to clean the property thoroughly. It is your choise if you will do it by yourself or by calling a professional cleaning company. Leaving the rental clean and fresh will get you:

  • appreciation from your landlord;
  • good relations with your landlord in the future;
  • your tenancy deposit back.

2. Repair the property where it is needed.

good relations with your landlord unclog_drainsWhen we talk about repairing from your side, that means small issues like dealing with mould, unclogging the drainpipes with cleaners or other damages caused in the property by you or your guests. When we talk about normal wear and tear or some electrical appliances ( dishwasher, microwave, oven, washing machine, coffee machine, etc.) that have broken, the best that you can do is to call your landlord and inform him/her about the damage. Keeping in touch with your landlord will show that you are a responsible tenant. Have in mind that If you fix the small problems yourself, this will help to keep good relations with your landlord. In that way he or she will understand that you are a person, who can be trusted and relied on.

However, it is in your interest to avoid damaging the property, especially if you rent a furnished one. That also means regular cleaning and maintaining.

3. Pay your bills and rent on time.

good relations with your landlord Calendar marked to show rent dueNothing will earn your landlord’s trust more then paying your utility bills and rent on time. Every landlord hopes that his or her new tenant will be strict and responsible, observing that clause of the tenancy agreement. If you regularly take care for your bills, you will be also able to get back your security deposit in the end of tenancy. Your landlord may keep an eye on you at first and if you proove in time that you are trustworthy, you will have not only a great rental, but a good and understanding landlord, too.

To keep good relations with your landlord during tenancy is important not only for your present situation, when feeling calm and secure, but for your future one, as well. When it is time to move out, you will not have to worry about conflicts or recommendations.


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