How to get 100% Advance Back in London?

If you are renting a house in London, you should have paid huge advance money to your land lord before you moved in to your house. But, when you leave the place, you should make sure you get 100% of your advance back by following these simple steps.

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1. Move Out Professionally

One of the best ways to get your advance back is to move out of your present house professionally. This is done my making your you have a decent communication with your Land lord, inform them that you are going to vacate the place before hand. If they are kept informed about your intension to move out, they will make sure they get new people inside without having a huge time leaving the place unoccupied.

2. Hire End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service

This is one of the best and proven method to get your advance paid back in Style. When you hire an end of tenancy cleaning company, they will make sure the entire property is neat and clean as per industry standards.

They will also make sure that the place is ready to be occupied by new tenant ASAP.

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