How to Maintain a Carpet Clean

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet with chemical free detergent is more important. If you have kids, chemical-free detergents is mandatory. Kids play on the carpet, so it is important to keep them clean. When you spill something on the carpet, that has to be cleaned within few minutes so you can save more time in cleaning after letting it dry. If the split is unclean for a long time, that might damage carpet look and feel. Also, during carpet cleaning, you will have to give attention to detail a lot to make them look better. Capet can be cleaned using two processes:

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  1. Hot water extraction cleaning
  2. Dry Cleaning.

Cleaning professionals will suggest the best cleaning process based on the carpet condition.

Hot water extraction is a process in which a machine with hot water is extracted out. Here the along with hot water, cleaning powder may be added. Once the water extracted, that is left to dry for few minutes and the machine cleans them thoroughly.

Most people use hot water extraction since it is quite a fast cleaning process. Before going through any process, it is best to get suggestion from cleaning experts.

Once you are done with cleaning, it is important to maintain your carpets look!

Below are some best practices to make sure your carpets looks good at any given point of time!

  1. When you find any dirt, clean them immediately. Don’ delay.
  2. After combing your hair, take off all the hair that get’s stuck in the carpet.
  3. Clean your carpet daily

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