How to prepare your home for the winter?

The calendar days are passing, December is coming, snow is whispering – the winter is on its way. But are you ready for it? If you want to protect yourself of sky-high utility bills you need to get your house in a raw for the coming cold. Wondering how to prepare your home for the winter? Here are a few simple tasks which will help you stay warm, safe and energy – conscious this winter.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter1Seal the windows

Do you know about one-third of the heat lost in home find its way to the outside through doors and windows? There are some hints to keep the outside air out and the inside air out. At first you need to caulk the racks. When you caulk your windows and fill up the cracks you will save more energy and will keep the air inside. Caulking the windows you will protect your house of moisture, which can damage the paint and may cause rotting of wood. You better use silicone caulk for exterior because it will not shrink and it is impervious to the elements. And second weather strip your doors and windows. Choose a type of weather stripping that will withstand the fiction, weather, temperature changes, and wear and tear associated with its location. The weather strip you choose should seal well when the door or window is closed but allow it to open freely.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter2Clear out the gutters

Clean roof gutters is a small task that can prevent a big problems. Imagine if there is snowing or raining outside. If you having a clogged roof gutter it will sends a cascade of water down the side of your house. You can hire a service to clean your gutters or you can do it by your self. If you are going to clean them grab a plastic bucket climb a ladder and use gloves to remove debris so it does not freeze and damage the gutter. Clean gutters at least once a year, twice if you have overhanging trees. Also after a big storms you need to clean the clogged gutters right after. This way you will protect your roof of leaks and ice dams also your siding and landscaping won’t be damaged.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter3Tune up your heating system

Is your heating system ready to weather the winter? Heating system operate for months on end and of course it needs regular maintenance just like your car. This is a major step when you prepare your home for the winter. Over the years your heating system accumulates dust and dirt, that is why it becomes less productive and reliable . This could cost you money in increased utility and repair bills. Regular maintenance keeps your equipment working at maximum efficiency and helps extend the life of the unit. You better use a technicians to inspect your system so they can catch minor wear and tear before it turns into major trouble. Clean good working heating system may lower your common heating costs by up to 10%.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter4Keep your pipes toasty

When preparing your house for winter, you need to protect your water pipes and prevent them from freezing and bursting. Most likely to freeze are the pipes in the garage, loft or those running along the outside of the property, these are the once you need to pay extra attention. The best way to stop this from happening and be prepared for the winter is to keep your pipes warm by insulating them with good quality lagging. Use a waterproof lagging for outside. If you forget to do all of these and somehow there are pipes that are frozen you can use a hair dryer to thaw them out or call a specialist.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter5Get your garden ready

When the last leaf falls will your garden be prepare for the winter? Putting the garden to bed for the winter is mostly a matter of cleaning and covering. Allowing the leaves to accumulate and lay on your lawn for more you risk damaging the grass. This is especially important for turf that is still growing in fall. Also you can secure loose objects such as dustbins and garden furniture. You can store them in a place where there is no moisture, so next year they would be in a good condition, ready and steady for use. Do not forget to check that trees close to your home have been trimmed and maintained.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter6Adjust your wardrobe

Another “how to prepare your home for the winter” step is to adjust your wardrobe. The winter steadily approaching, it is the perfect time to re-organize your closet and make a room cosy sweaters. Winter months mean storing your T-shirts and shorts away and trading them to coats and jeans (but you better keep some of those T-shirts on hand to wear as an undergarment). Put your slippers in the closet for the next summer and prepare another with a warmer lining. Wear heavier socks. But of course there is one little catch – winter fashion takes up a lot more space in our wardrobes. Here you are one smart tip. Most of us have suitcases knocking around our home that are only used once or twice a year. Why not roll up your summer clothes and keep them in there until the next summer.

how-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-winter7Bonus tip

Do not forget to check your stock on hot chocolate. It doesn’t matter if it is pouring down with freezing cold rain, in the middle of a blizzard or wind storm, sitting down on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in winter is one of the best feelings ever. On the other hand keeping your body warm it will start burning more calories. Also a hot breakfast instead of cereal with cold milk can make a big difference. Or simply go outside, there is plenty of snow, move it up or make a snowman. This is a great exercise.

The winter may bring shorter days and colder temperatures, but it also offers many chances to have fun. The first snowfall is exciting and the holidays are just around the corner. So, you do not need to worry how to prepare your home for the winter. Following these simple steps you will be ready to enjoy this wonderful season.


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