Preparing your home for your newborn

Waiting for your newborn to become part of your life is a very special moment. Nine months seem like enough time to get used to the thought that everything in your life will change. That change includes your home, too. As time flies away really fast, you need to think about many details, especially during the last two months of your pregnancy.

Most important is to start preparing your home for your newborn.

1. Clean the house or the flat thoroughly.

You can call a professional company to do the cleaning instead of you, especially if you do not feel good enough to use all those cleaning products. They really can make you sick. However, you can take part in everyday household cleaning. Start with simple tasks like:cleaning

  • dusting shelves;
  • polishing metal and glass surfaces:
  • mopping the floors.

Use professional rinsing and drying for your carpets. It is recommended not to have a carpet in your baby’s room, because of all that dust it collects. Pay your main attention to two areas in your home:

  • kitchen;
  • bathroom.

These spaces should be not only cleaned very well, but also disinfected, because they are the most bacteria-filled spots in your home. If you want to do it yourself, you can use low-toxic cleaning products or even make them at home. White vinegar is a natural product that kills germs and bacteria. You can prepare a cleaner by mixing one cup of water with one cup of white vinegar. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and you have anti-bacterial spray that will not harm your baby. No matter if they are kitchen or bathroom cleaners, put all cleaning supplies in high cabinets and out of reach for your child. If you have some magnets on your refrigerator, remove them. It can be dangerous if one of them falls down and your baby swallows it.

2. Prepare your baby’s room.

Perhaps the most exciting moment when preparing your home for your newborn is decorating the baby’s room. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the brightest room in your house for a nursery. Have in mind that your baby will sleep up to 16 hours during the first month. So you should put some proper window coverings or blinds in the room as well. If you do not have additional room for your newborn, you can arrange an area in your bedroom. In both cases make some repairs. It is nice if you make the nursery cute, but it is obligatory to be safe and well-organized. Wash floors and windows with natural cleaners. When your baby is born, you need to wipe the dust and mop the floor every day. While decorating the nursery, use only natural materials and try not to overcrowd the place with baby stuff. You will have more than enough toys and clothes afterwards, especially when relatives start visiting. The basic furniture that you will need is:nursery

  • a crib;
  • a changing table;
  • a dresser.

3. Buy the first baby stuff of your newborn.

The easiest way is to prepare your checklist for a newborn. There are plenty of examples on some Internet sights. The main things that you need to buy are:

  • baby clothes- a few undershirts (long and short-sleeved), sleepers, pants, warm socks, vests, outfits;
  • diapers and wet wipes- take the smallest size diapers for the first month;
  • crib sheets, blankets and sleep sacks;
  • baby toiletries and bath towels- your newborn will need his or her own bath tub, specialsoft_toys shampoo, lotion, powder and baby oil;
  • medicine care- you can buy a ready-made set for newborn, in which you can find everything essential for your baby like thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, first-aid kit;
  • toys- surely you cannot resist to choose the cutest soft toy for your child to sleep with, have in mind though, that most suitable for a newborn is crib mobile and funny coloured rattles.

4. Baby proof your home.

You should secure every room when preparing your home for your newborn. Most parents think of safety when the baby is born or even when she or he begin crawling. However, it will be easier and more efficient if you start checking the dangerous spots before that. When you return from the hospital you will be too busy and overwhelmed with your baby, relatives and friends. Main things to do:

  • cover all electric sockets with childproof sockets;baby_proof
  • move any plants from the flloor;
  • replace glass or sharp objects on high level shelves;
  • take care of any dangling cords;
  • put safety latches on cabinets that are easily accessible;
  • be aware for any sharp edges on your furniture and put some protectors.

5. Buy yourself a baby care book.

Every parent need some advice about how to take care of a newborn in the first few months after birth. There is a numerous choice of baby care books. You can spend some time in the nearest bookstore and buy the best one for you. While reading it with a cup of cocoa milk, relax and send a smile to your baby, because now your home is ready and waiting for its new arrival!








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