Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring literally brings a breath of fresh air to a home, so here’s a spring cleaning checklist. The good news is that even though it may not be spring and your home is due for a deep or seasonal clean, you can use this list too.

Here’s a short video to giving you some great tips on setting up your checklist…



  • Start spring cleaning by clearing cluttered areas: corners, closets, cabinets, and drawers.
  • A rule-of-thumb is if you haven’t used it in months, discard it.
  • If you have children, involve them in choosing toys to donate to charity.

The “Cold-Weather Warm-Weather Clothing Switch”

  • During cleaning as you remove clothing from storage, launder items that have been collecting dust for months, even if you cleaned them before putting them away.
  • Discard clothing. If you didn’t wear it last season, donate it. This cuts down on closet clutter.
  • Launder winter items before storing.


  • Wash windows inside and out to remove grime that’s been building for months.
  • Wash sills, tracks, and screens, too, removing allergens that may be carried indoors by spring breezes.
  • Consider hiring a professional, especially for windows above street level, to minimise the risk of falling.
  • During your spring cleaning, consider replacing blinds and shades that are worn or extremely dirty.

Cleaning Fabrics

  • Launder or dry-clean curtains and sheers (consider replacing worn ones).
  • Launder or dry-clean all bedding. While you’re at it, flip the mattresses.
  • Vacuum upholstery, including hard-to-reach places where dirt and bacteria can hide. Flip couch cushions.
  • Launder washable rugs, and shampoo carpets.
  • Consider hiring professionals; they have powerful equipment and upholstery-shampooing attachments.


  • Dust from the top down during spring cleaning. Start with ceiling fans, light fixtures, and window-top moldings, and work your way down.
  • Pay special attention to notorious dust collectors: trophies, lamps, knick-knacks, etc.
  • Make sure all shiny surfaces, such as glass picture frames and metal doorknobs, are streak-free and sparkling.


Spring Cleaning Check List

Cleaning and Sterilising

  • In the kitchen and bathroom, organise cupboards, drawers, and the fridge.
  • Discard outdated foods.
  • In the bathroom as you do your spring cleaning, check labels on over-the-counter and prescription medications. Discard expired ones after first checking with your pharmacist about doing this safely.
  • Replace shower curtains, worn towels, worn bath mats, etc.
  • Scrub the floors.
  • Sanitise countertops, appliance surfaces, sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets.



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