Tips and Hints for Removing Stains

Here are some tips and hints for removing stains from End of Tenancy London

Stains can ruin a fabric and cleaning them can be very annoying.

If possible clean all stains immediately. If they are liquid, soak them with a napkin and wipe them with a damp cloth. If the stain is of compact substance, then it should first be scraped carefully with a knife, and afterwards cleaned.

If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, use professional help, and give the clothes to the dry-cleaners.

Wait for the stains of mud, grease, eggs, milk, fruits and drinks to dry and then brush them away with cool soap water, if the fabric is bright.

Clothes in bright colours are cleaned with vinegar solution.

Stains on dark fabrics are first rubbed with peeled raw potato and then rinsed off with clean water.

If the mud has soaked into the fabric, it should be rubbed with alcohol and the stains disappear.

To remove grease stains on silk or fine wool fabric, sprinkle them immediately with talc, and put a napkin under the fabric. Leave the fabric at least 12 hours. Then remove the talc, and iron the stain through a napkin with a warm but not hot iron.

Rub with ammonium bicarbonate and iron through a napkin, to remove fresh grease stains on bright cotton materials.

Old stains on thick dark fabrics are cleaned with gasoline or turpentine, then they are wiped off with a cloth soaked in hot soapy water, and then rinsed off with pure warm water.

Fresh stains of oil on light wool or cotton fabric are cleaned by soaking them in equal parts gasoline, turpentine and pure alcohol, and are left for a while. Then the stain is wiped off with a dry cloth, washed with lukewarm water and soap, and rinsed off very well.

If you have stained your clothes with grease, and you have nothing but salt, just sprinkle the stain with fine salt, and rub off carefully. Change the salt a couple of times.

Grease stains on books are cleaned in the following way: put napkins over the stain and below the stain. The top napkin is moistened with gasoline and is ironed with slightly warmed iron, while the gasoline evaporates. If the stain doesn’t disappear, repeat the procedure with clean napkins.

Stains of milk, cream, soup or sauce are cleaned in the following way: fresh stains – with a solution of warm water, soap and pure alcohol. Old stains – one part turpentine oil and two parts lemon juice.

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