To clean your home or to live your life?

To clean or to live? That is the question that every woman asks herself? No matter if you are a housewife or a working lady, probably you spend many hours in cleaning, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc.That might be really overwhelming and stessful. Perhaps the answer is in finding the “golden mean”.

to clean or to live

While thinking whether to clean your home or enjoy your free time, you need to find the balance for yourself.

There are two basic types of women when we talk about cleaning:

1. Women, obsessed with the idea of a cozy and clean home.

to clean or to liveFor them, the answer to our fundamental question “to clean or to live” is definitely “to clean”. House-cleaning actually never ends. These women know this and spend every free minute to wash dishes, wipe dust from shelves or arrange pillows on the sofa, because someone else has made a “big mess”. That mess becomes an enemy for your neatly-arranged life and you fight against it every day. You cannot relax if your home is not perfectly cleaned. So after a few hours of exhaustion, you can go to bed, tired but pleased of yourself. The next question that comes to mind is: “Is it worth it?”. As a result:

  • you put your own comfort in second place;
  • you do not have enough free time to spend with your family;
  • you do not have time for your interests and hobbies;
  • your hands and skin become rough because of all these cleaning products.

2. Women, who are house-cleaning haters and never ask themselves “to clean or to live”.

to clean or to liveThat is because the answer is more than obvious for them: live your life and enjoy every minuite of it. Cleaning is the most ungrateful work and may take the time for your friends, your husband and children. If you prefer to read a nice book, however, instead of arranging and putting in order everything in your home, that does not make you careless or negligent. Everyone wants to have a clean and tidy home. Everyone loves comfort and coziness and that can be achieved mainly by regular cleaning and arranging. If you are that type of woman, you certainly clean your home. You just choose some quick methods to do it and probably cannot undrestand why someone would spend thirty minutes for cleaning the oven, while you will do it for five. You certainly arrange your home when expecting guests, but prefer to enjoy more of your free time when they come.

No matter what type you recognize in, you would awlays have more dirty dishes to wash, but you have only one life to live.

It is wonderful when you feel proud of your home because it is clean and organized. Have in mind, though, that your happiness depends also on how much efforts you put in that comfort. Nowadays, it is actually very easy to find the balance between your duties and your wishes. There are many professional companies that can help you with cleaning. The only thing that you should do is to choose the best cleaning company for your home. That choice depends on your personal preferences. According to your needs you may want help with:

So if you ask yourself: “To clean or to live?”, the answer might be really simple with some additional help. The only “duty” for you is to enjoy your free time doing your favourite thing. And that choice is entirely yours!

to clean_or_to_live


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