Waste Management System For Construction Sites

After constructing an infrastructure you should keep your site neat and clean. The after builders waste should be disposed carefully. The primary goal is to obtain a good standard of ‘housekeeping’ across the construction site.

builders waste management

As building contractors, it is their responsibility to plan, execute and observe cleaning work and to make sure all the works carried safely and without any hazards to health. This involves rigorous planning on how the construction site will be kept tidy and housekeeping actively maintained.

The housekeeping standards can be achieved on construction site if you are effective at:

  • Materials storage
  • Waste management

Materials Storage:

Secure and effective materials storage depends on great coordination between the people involved in the cleaning system. When professional cleaning team takes the responsibility of your site, you can stay relaxed. Well-trained professional team with advanced equipment and required man-power, clean the entire construction.

The materials storage arrangements should be examined and accepted by contractors as well as professional / agencies in London.

Tips: Storage areas:

Choose storage areas for waste materials like: common waste, flammable substances such as foam plastics, flammable liquids.

Don’t let a storage to expand in an uncontrolled manner on to the walkways. Do not store materials where they block access routes or where they could interfere with emergency escape.

Flammable materials

Flammable materials need to be stored away from other elements and guarded against accidental fire.

Waste management:

All waste generated might grant a hazard to workers on site if it is not properly managed throughout the project. You need to choose at an early stage, How the wastes streams generated during construction work can be managed in a timely and effective way.

Tips: Flammable materials

Make sure that all flammable waste materials such as packaging and timber off-cut are removed away constantly from construction site to decrease fire risks.

Work areas

Cleaning waste should be given a high priority for all trades. Make sure that everyone is informed of what is expected and make sure that it is being done.

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