Common Waste Management Mistakes to be Reduced

Here are few common waste management mistakes to be avoided:

Illegally Dumping:

Illegal dumping continues to happen everywhere in the country. Wastes should never be disposed of in this way, no matter the discretion or planning included. This practice is illegal, endangers the surrounding and can be traced back to you with consequences.

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No Contingency Planning:

Small Quantity Generators and Large Quantity Generators are required by law to have a contingency plan. Like container labels, a contingency plan was created to limit hazards to human health and the environment by offering instructions and guidance for those dealing with an accidental spill, fire or discharge. Major elements subject to variation, such as emergency contact information and must be modernised periodically.

Too Much Waste On-Site

Keeping waste on-site is complex. Beyond three days, if a waste is present on site, a large quantity generator (LQG) should be in place to store waste on-site for ninety days. Whereas a small quantity generator (SQG) is ready to store wastes on-site for up to 180 days. To avoid difficulties, always shift wastes according to deadlines.

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Waste Closed At All Times

Don’t keep Hazardous Waste Containers open. Make sure that your employees are informed about the importance by posting warnings near container storage areas.

When you avoid these mistakes, you can clean your place for a healthy living.

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