Why Spring Cleaning Is So Important

Spring cleaning is important because it’s an opportunity for a full deep clean-up beyond what you usually do. It doesn’t have to be done in the spring, of course, but a full deep cleaning should be done at least once a year, and spring is the traditional time.

However, when spring arrives chances are you won’t want to spend a weekend indoors when you could be, say, golfing. So consider cleaning in the evening. And don’t feel like you have to do it all at once. You might spend an hour a day for several days.

As you dust and vacuum, open windows so spring breezes can freshen the room. Open-window ventilation is also good when using strong-smelling cleaning products, ranging from harsh chemicals to vinegar.


Spring Cleaning is important as it gives your home a deep clean

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Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Start with a plan. Know what you’ll clean and in which order. You might make a checklist—think of the satisfaction you’ll feel as you cross off each item.

2. Gather all spring cleaning supplies before attacking each area. These will vary room by room, of course.

3. Think sparkle! Windows that are grimy from a smoking fireplace can be made shiny again. Ditto for bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances, and anything else that’s potentially glossy: glass, porcelain, tile, or metal.

4. Be prepared for lots of laundry. You’ll be washing blankets, comforters, slipcovers, washable draperies, etc. Some things may need to be dry-cleaned.

5. Replace old or worn items. Spring cleaning is the time to purge. Toss torn dishtowels, stained bathmats, outdated cosmetics, etc. Replace that old shower curtain, and consider new throw pillows for the bed or sofa.

6. Seek and destroy dirt in hidden spots. Clean under beds, behind desks, inside cabinets and closets, under couch cushions, etc.

7. Declutter and donate. Donate to charity things that you never use—such as that pile of DVDs you haven’t watched for years—or sell them online. Decluttering is good for the soul.

8. Go pro. If the idea of spring cleaning is overwhelming, consider getting help from a professional cleaning company.

Whether you DYI or use professionals, spring cleaning provides a new beginning; that’s why it’s such a popular ritual. You may even feel like you’ve moved into a new home!

To help you see whats involved in good spring cleaning, we found this video for you.


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